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What's Ten Minute Time Capsule?

Ten Minute Time Capsule is a digital time capsule to create and store photos and watch slideshows of your friends,  your children and other family members giving you the wonderful gifts you want to remember forever. 

A painting from school, paper flowers from Japanese class, a photo frame, a piece of handmade pottery, a birthday present. Photograph receiving your gifts and add descriptive captions and then easily share your memories with others.

Take a photo of your loved one giving you the gift and then take a close up photo of the gift, write a caption. Then view the photos as a slideshow. 

It's so much fun including the caption on the photos. Especially when you share your photos or save them into your photo library. The photos are framed together and captioned neatly recording that moment forever. That way you will never forget who gave you a gift.

The photos and captions will all be included in your email. How easy is that?

Ten Minute Time Capsule is also perfect for sending to electronic picture frames with email accounts.

Record and share your memories today!


Ten Minute Time Capsule is a universal application for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad*

* Requires iOS 4.3 or greater. Taking photos requires a device with a camera.


Share as slideshow, email, 

or save to photo album

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A picture paints a thousand words,

a few words makes the moment.

Record your memories

A digital "time capsule" of your most precious moments.

Pasted Graphic_1.tiff Groups 

Photos can be added by name, date and group. 

On the Groups tab, tap on '+' to add a photo. Take two photos with your camera, or choose them from your Photo Library. When displayed the first photo will animate into the second photo. I suggest taking photos of the person and then a close up of the gift. 

When you take a photo with the camera, a high quality photo will be automatically added to your Photo Library for syncing to your other devices. You can delete them from Time Capsule and they will remain in your library. 

Write the name of the person giving you the gift in the 'name' field, e.g. "Peter". The date should be automatically added for you (but you can change it too). Add a group label to group your gift photos by. e.g. "Age 4".

Then add a one or two lined caption to be added to both photos when they are displayed, shared and saved.

Pasted Graphic 1.tiff Gallery

All photos are displayed in the Gallery. Tap any photo to view it as a slideshow with its caption. The slideshow will display a message before beginning.

Replay your slideshows or share them with family and friends via email or save them with captions to your Photo Album. 


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